Innovations in Professional Growth

Interactive Innovations:
A Showcase of Learners and Learning:
February 28 March 2, 2007

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Interactive Innovations: Keynote Speakers

INTRODUCTION: On February 28, March 1, and 2, 2007, Interactive Innovations: A Showcase of Learners and Learning was held in five locations across British Columbia: Victoria, Vancouver, Prince George, Kelowna and Nelson. In addition, five sites in Alberta joined the live webcast event. Keynote Speakers' presentations were archived for re-viewing to support educators' professional growth over time.

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To begin a webcast, click on one of the presenters below

Deputy Minister Dr. Emery Dosdall: Introduction and Conference Welcome

Dr. Richard Allington: Research and Readers

Dr. Fred and Dr. Patrick Renihan: Opening Keynote: Connecting the Themes

Dr. Andy Hargreaves

Marco Torres, Rosa Ruvalcaba and Elizabeth Ruvalcaba: Using Technology to Reach High School Students

Stephanie Hirsch: Teacher Leadership to Ensure Quality Teaching

Dr. David Sousa : Brain Research: Implications for the Early Years

Dr. Michael Fullan: Role of Leadership in Changing Educational Settings

Minister Shirley Bond: A Provincial Perspectives from students, Leadership and Project Based Learning with a summary from Minster Shirley Bond

Closing Panel: Conference Wrap - Bringing the Themes Together